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Refuel You First!

By Dr. Sheila Pope

As I attempt to run my first campaign, I am quickly figuring out my leadership skills are my best assets. I spent an entire day on Saturday working with other strong female leaders who are running for office or planning to run for office. During the meeting, we were described as outliers. I agreed with the Program Director’s assessment of me. I am not a normal mom and small business owner. I am walking out my fears and trying to reach a higher level of service for others.

I quickly realized around 1:00 pm I was mentally drained. After the training, I had nothing left to give my children nor my campaign team. I had planned to share my next steps in organizing my team, but that did not happen. I could not process clearly. I could not effectively communicate. As a leader, you must understand when you need to stop and refuel. My tank was so depleted after all of the new information from Run to Lead: Greater Houston, I needed my bed and Netflix.

If you decide to run for office, remember you cannot lead others if you are drained. Rest and get your juice back before addressing the team and your family.

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