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A Moment at Bank of America

By Dr. Sheila Pope

On Saturday, February 9th, I went to the Bank of America to open my first campaign bank account. All of my donations must be separate from my personal account. I made an appointment for Saturday at 9:30 am. Yet it took some time to be waited on by an agent.

While I waited, a Pearland resident came in and sat down and we started to talk. She actually spoke with my daughter first. I listened then I joined the conversation. As we talked she said she recognized me. I said I was running for a seat on Pearland’s City Council. We talked about her desires for Pearland, working from home, and being single mothers. I told her I wanted to make sure I made

Pearland residents aware of resources in Pearland.

I shared with her information about the Homeowners Assistant Program. They have millions of dollars to help Brazoria County residents. I learned about the program while attending the Governmental Relations Meeting. Her uncle, who lives in Brookside Village lost everything during Harvey. She got the information and said she would share it. We made the most of our time waiting. I felt good that I did what I wanted to do. I want to let Pearland residents know about the resources that are available to them. When I finished, I opened up my account. I enjoyed my moments at the Bank of America.

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