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Author, Friend, and Publisher

By Dr. Sheila Pope

I am so inspired by all of the authors in the group! Again, I am trying to set an example of what I would love to see more of in the group. Toni Anderson and I are working consistently to accomplish our goal of finishing our new book. Well, let be totally honest. Toni Anderson is writing and editing her chapters like a woman possessed. As the publisher of the work, I have to make sure I give her great feedback and tons of support. In a short time, we have been working, I can see a huge difference in how she sees herself as a writer. I can see how much I am growing as a publisher.

I am proud of us keeping our scheduled appointments. We are on one accord. We are using Zoom and email to communicate and to hold each other accountable. We will continue to share our journey and hopefully, I will read more of your post sharing how you made things happen for your businesses.

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