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Avenue L Catering Made My Day

By Dr. Sheila Pope

Today, I had the nerve to order two meals from Avenue L Catering! To tell the whole truth, like Jada Pinkett Smith I ordered them last night before Lisa A Bolden-Scott had an opportunity to open on Friday.

I have been watching her post on Facebook for months. Full disclosure, Lisa is my former TSU student. I keep saying TSU produces entrepreneurs too! She started her business in 2017! I just saw her Facebook advertisement!

She sent me the menu and I ordered lunch and dinner. She delivered the meals. I took photos of the food straight out of the bag. Her presentation was EVERYTHING! Professional, clean, and mints. I gave those as rewards to my children. Distract them with the small stuff so you can enjoy the big stuff!

Wet Lemon Pepper Chicken

I went in the house and told my children (4) they could have ONE of the wet lemon pepper wings. I decided to eat the wings first because I do not like to reheat wings. They were delicious and everything in the delivery was black-owned including the water. The sauce on the wings caused a few problems. It caused me to get sauce all down my chin and maybe on my chest as I ate the gristle off the 🦴. Do not feel bad for my children. I had their frozen food dinners ready to go. They also had sandwiches or leftover pizza as an option too.

The carrots and celery were fresh and crunchy. The dip was great. The bread almost cost my daughter Taylor a finger. I am going to eat my fish in a few minutes. I tasted it earlier and it has a special sauce on top. I had to give it the proper respect it deserved. I am ready to have my children circle me. My dog, Danny, got the bones from the wings so I know he is going to sit down when I open up the container. Thanks, @Avenue L Catering! Your pictures did not lie! Lisa, I will order more as soon as the children get to school or when I get some more money. The prices were very reasonable.

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