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A Visit to The Greasy Spoon

By Dr. Sheila Pope

On June 16th, I went to The Greasy Spoon Soulfood Bistro. After I saw the lamb on the company’s website, I had to find the restaurant. The owner was surprised so many folks were supporting his business because of this group! The owner is a young brother and he was very down to earth and humble. You know some chefs can have huge egos. The restaurant had real laid back crowd. The restaurant was clean and they were respecting COVID-19 protocol. I even had a cup of cucumber water. They had the good hot sauce too!

The owner recommended I try the oxtails because I said I was really hungry. Therefore, I ordered the oxtails, with two sides of sweet potatoes (combo), chopped steak, rice, mac & cheese (kid meal), and the peach cobbler. My combo had so much food I ate twice. Yes, I took a nap and then ate it for dinner. It was worth the drive from Pearland. I am a proud African American small business owner and I support other African American business owners too!

I posted my experience at The Greasy Spoon in the Facebook Group called Houston Black-Owned Restaurants and it has received 1.6k interactions and 152 comments. It is important to support small businesses. Since I own a small business, it is vital I do my part to share my positive experience.

**”This post was not sponsored by The Greasy Spoon. If you would like to sponsor a promotion for your business, please contact Dr. Pope @ or 832.340.5521.

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