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By Dr. Sheila Pope

Conducting Business

On Juneteenth, I woke up with my businesses on my mind. I needed a storehouse for a new revenue source. God had aligned so many things to happen perfectly to take my home-based business to another level. I forgot I started my first business, The Resource Center on June 26, 2007! It is 13 years old. It’s HUB certified and on the CMBL. Thanks to my tax expert Tonia Brown, I have been able to watch how my company has grown via my tax returns. In 2017, I became self-employed. I formed Pope’s Resource Center, LLC and my faith went to a new level.

Today, with the help of my banker Carlos Alfredo Dela Garza Wells Fargo I took another leap of faith. He had to squeeze me in for an appointment. He was so professional, quick, and caring. I needed him to help me meet my new client’s expectations. As soon as we finished, my new client called to verify all of my banking information. We must have paperwork in order for other companies to take our business seriously.We have to be able to receive BIG blessings!

I celebrated Juneteenth doing what Abraham Lincoln and the Emancipation Proclamation intended. I took another step forward to not only own my businesses but to grow them. I showed my children the true meaning of freedom and ownership. I talked about sacrifice, record keeping, and understanding what it takes to OWN an African American female-owned small business. Owning 100 percent of a company matters! Being the single member of an African-American owned LLC matters!

I did not march on Juneteenth! I did not participate in a parade. I did not have a picnic. Instead, I celebrated by giving God praise, I practiced forgiveness, and I made a boss move on behalf of my small business. #emancipation2020!

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