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I’m Back!

By Dr. Sheila Pope

It has been a minute! I have been busy building my media company and hosting my television show, “Conversations with Dr. Pope”. I am happy to announce you can watch the show on our ROKU channel, NBMP

NBMP Logo8

Conversations with Dr. Pope Channel 1. You can also follow the show on our Facebook page.

I had a fantastic intern this semester from Texas Southern University named Rylan. She helped me with editing shows, filming shows, and photography for the show. I could not have produced my last shows without her. I realized I needed to let go of my “babies”. I also had the help of Courtney Haywood. He was my editor on a couple of shows. Again, I had to let go, delegate, and trust other people to help me. Once I let go, I was extremely happy with the results. I also found myself getting out of the weeds. I had television shows from 2018 I had not edited. It was embarrassing! I also realized why movies take so long to be released. It takes time to film, edit, and produce shows. Speaking of shows, I finally have 17 shows produced which airs on ROKU. They also aired on Houston Media Source Television (Comcast 17 & ATT U-verse99).

I took a break from my podcast too. I recently updated my Podcast, “Boss Lady Podcast” on Soundcloud. It is also on Apple Podcast. I realize I have to use my resources wisely. I also have to get myself back on a schedule.

Now, I have to secure advertisers for the show. When I produced my first show in August of 2018, I had no idea that I would be producing a television show, a documentary, and working on a film. Hopefully, I will be selected to work on the 2020 Houston Media Source Short Film contest. Until I get the news, I will continue working on building New Beginnings Media & Production Company (NBMP).

Somehow, I stopped writing! Well, there are several reasons for my absence from writing. I will share those reasons in my future posts. I am just glad to be back and sharing my journey.


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