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I’m Back!

By Dr. Sheila Pope

It has been a minute! I have been busy building my media company and hosting my television show, “Conversations with Dr. Pope”. I am happy to announce you can watch the show on our ROKU channel, NBMP

(New Beginning Media & Production ) and our YouTube

Conversations with Dr. Pope Channel 1. You can also follow the show on our Facebook page.

I had a fantastic intern this semester from Texas Southern University named Rylan. She helped me with editing shows, filming shows, and photography for the show. I could not have produced my last shows without her. I realized I needed to let go of my “babies”. I also had the help of Courtney Haywood. He was my editor on a couple of shows. Again, I had to let go, delegate, and trust other people to help me. Once I let go, I was extremely happy with the results. I also found myself getting out of the weeds. I had television shows from 2018 I had not edited. It was embarrassing! I also realized why movies take so long to be released. It takes time to film, edit, and produce shows. Speaking of shows, I finally have 17 shows produced which airs on ROKU. They also aired on Houston Media Source Television (Comcast 17 & ATT U-verse99).

I took a break from my podcast too. I recently updated my Podcast, “Boss Lady Podcast” on Soundcloud. It is also on Apple Podcast. I realize I have to use my resources wisely. I also have to get myself back on a schedule.

Now, I have to secure advertisers for the show. When I produced my first show in August of 2018, I had no idea that I would be producing a television show, a documentary, and working on a film. Hopefully, I will be selected to work on the 2020 Houston Media Source Short Film contest. Until I get the news, I will continue working on building New Beginnings Media & Production Company (NBMP).

Somehow, I stopped writing! Well, there are several reasons for my absence from writing. I will share those reasons in my future posts. I am just glad to be back and sharing my journey.


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