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Making Your Best Next Move!

By Dr. Sheila Pope

September 8, 2018 was a long but productive day! I was able to film my segments necessary to secure my series on Houston Media Source. My program would air without the series, but I like consistency! I love to tell our followers the exact day and time “Conversations with Dr. Pope will air”!


Reginald Guillory, Guest on Conversations with Dr. Pope

I want to thank my guests, Reginald Guillory Sr. and Reginald Guillory. They were so patient with me today. Thank you, Millie, for your help and support. We filmed for three hours in a secret location. We had a wonderful dinner together to debrief and celebrate this moment a huge moment.

Reginald Guillory Sr and Reginald Koran Guillory, I appreciate your honesty and your transparency about your experiences with the criminal justice system, its impact on your relationship, and its impact on the re-entry process. I hope your stories will help others who have found the courage to turn things around. I hope your stories will empower other ex-offenders to get a plan before they make their next move!


Celebrating with My Guest and Nephew Reginald K. Guillory.

I am proud to be the CEO of The Next Move Re-entry Program 501c3. I believe I am using my platform to empower and encourage ex-offenders to make their Next Best Move! I will post the air dates for the episodes soon. This will be a three-part series! You will learn a great deal from watching a father and son share their experiences with incarceration and its impact on their lives and their children’s lives. It has been a great deal of work to make my show come to life. I appreciate everyone who has played a major role today. My family was not broken by the criminal justice system. It is now being held because of our experiences with it.

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