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My First Luncheon As Candidate for Pearland City Council

By Dr. Sheila Pope

While I Attending my first luncheon with the Pantsuit Republic of Pearland, I had a great time sharing with the Pantsuit Republic Pearland! I am grateful for the information and strategies provided by the members of the group. Luckily, I know most of the members of the group. I learned what members felt was important for me to do to help serve their communities and agendas.

Darcy Bryan-Wilson, the founder of the group, has always been passionate and honest about her thoughts for change in Pearland. I respect her. Moreover, I love her honesty. I will get to work on the suggestions she gave me. I am honored to know and serve with this strong progressive group of powerful women. We are all different, but we understand what it takes to impact Pearland in a positive way. Women should be represented and their voices should be heard on Pearland City Council.

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