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Second Episode of Conversations with Dr. Pope: The Candidate Robin Burgess.

By Dr. Sheila Pope

Wow! I am so excited to announce the second episode of my television show Conversations with Dr. Pope is currently airing on Houston Media Source Television Show.

During the filming of my first episode, I had issues with an extremely bright sun. I was outside during the filming but I did not have the camera on auto. This time, I filmed this episode in Studio B at Houston Media Source. As a producer, I had to make sure everything was set up properly. I wanted to ensure my client was comfortable and was seen in her best light.

I am becoming a better producer with each episode. This episode is my first sponsored project! Judicial candidate for County Courts Law #4 Robin Burgess sponsored this show. I am so glad she used me as her producer. She is hoping to be the first African American judge I’m Brazoria County.

I learned so much about her during this interview. I know you will too. Enjoy the full episode! Get to the polls during early voting to let your voice be heard!

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