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The New Man in My Life by Sheila Pope


Danny Pope


I have a new man in my life; his name is Danny. I adopted Danny a couple of months ago. Since February, Danny has turned my world upside down. He has helped me discover that I have room in my heart to love someone else. My children have embraced him and fallen madly in love with him too. He fits perfectly into our family.

Loving Danny Cost

Now, to be honest, Danny has caused me some discomfort too. I have spent over eight hours waiting on him at the Houston Humane Society. He has cost me over $300.00 dollars so far on medical bills. He has made me mop the floors on several occasions. More important, he made me realize that I am allergic to pet dander. While waiting for three hours at the Houston Humane Society, my eyes watered, my throat closed, my skin itched, my skin had red blotches, and my lips were swollen.  I looked like the Nutty Professor! I was surrounded by several different breeds of dogs and cats. They were all at the vets because they were sick. I had to go outside to avoid sudden death. The vet tech said, I was having a reaction to pet dander.  Danny is a Pomeranian and considered to be a hypoallergenic dog. Luckily, on that day, I had a Benadryl tablet in my purse. Loving Danny has cost me money, time, and varied levels of frustration.

The Scare

On Friday, June 6, 2014, I thought we had lost him forever. Around 8:30am, while cleaning my daughters’ room, I discovered I did not see Danny. We called for him; we looked everywhere. I panicked! All of my children went into a panic mode. Before I knew it, my entire family was running around the neighborhood trying to find him. I posted his picture and my information my subdivision’s Nextdoor app. I put my children in the car, and I drove around and asked anyone working outside if they had seen Danny. We did not find him! I received two replies from the Nextdoor app. My neighbors would be on the look out. The children were asking me too many questions all at once. I could not answer them!

At 9:00 am, I went to work and called my oldest son to reprimand him for causing this mess. I thought my oldest son had let Danny out to “handle his business”. When I asked my son if he let him back in the house, he developed amnesia. He could not remember letting him back inside the house. He was unsure when he let Danny out that morning. Danny had escaped from the back yard once before.

The Discovery

At 11:00am,  I was on my way home to look for Danny again. I was feeling all kinds of emotions on the drive home. During the drive, my son called and said he found Danny! He told me Danny was in the guest bathroom. Danny always sounds the alarm when someone approaches the front door. Friday was no exception. When my son came home from school, Danny sounded the alarm. I never felt so much relief. I realized Danny was worth every dollar I had spent; he was worth all the time spent at the Houston Humane Society talking to other pet owners and waiting on him to receive medical care. At that moment, I realized I loved Danny so much. After all, he was my dog! He is supposed to be here because wanted my children to be happy. However, to be honest, I wanted Danny. I needed Danny to realize I am ready to open my heart again. I apologized to my son because I realized that I was the one that had closed the door on the guest bathroom without realizing Danny was inside.

Loving Danny

After I “Found” Danny!

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